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F.H. Paschen (Paschen) is pleased to announce that The American Public Works Association (APWA) has selected the Thornton Composite Reservoir as a recipient in the Environment more than $75 million category of the National APWA Public Works Projects of the Year for 2016.

As General Contractor for the job, Paschen built a 208 foot wide by 116 foot tall roller compacted concrete (RCC) gap dam and a 9,425-foot-long double-row grout curtain (groundwater protection system) extending around the entire perimeter of the Thornton Composite Reservoir to depths up to 550 feet below ground surface. The project was completed in July of 2015.

The award will be presented at the annual National APWA Awards Recognition Ceremony, held in conjunction with the 2016 PWX Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Monday, August 29, 2016 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Paschen congratulates our Project Team for this prestigious achievement.

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