F.H. Paschen Recruits Next Generation of Construction Professionals at the 9th Annual P.I.E. Day

On February 08, 2024, the halls of George Westinghouse College Prep buzzed with anticipation as students, faculty, and staff gathered for the 9th annual P.I.E. (Paschen: Innovations in Engineering) Day event. Hosted by F.H. Paschen, this annual event serves as a gateway to the Paschen Engineering Scholars Program, an initiative that has been shaping the future of aspiring engineers since its start in 2015.

The Paschen Engineering Scholars Program, now in its 9th year, continues to inspire and empower students. Attendees were invited to a day filled with a curated curriculum, hands-on activities, and insights into construction, with pizza and pie. This unique program not only develops technical skills but also builds problem-solving abilities, providing real-world work experiences and unlocking doors to promising career opportunities.

Senior Vice President, Dave Alexander kicked off the event by talking about the history of F.H. Paschen and offering a deeper understanding of the Paschen Scholars Program.

Next students engaged in a unique team-building event. Armed with straws and rubber bands, they embraced a challenge that not only highlighted their collaborative spirit but also emphasized the importance of creativity and adaptability in engineering.

The 9th annual P.I.E. Day event was successful, and the new cohort of scholars awaits the upcoming Hard Hat Ceremony, the legacy of P.I.E. Day continues to shape the next generation of engineering pioneers.

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