Construction Safety

We prioritize the safety of our employees and clients above all other considerations. Our objective is to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, and to continually improve in our efforts by strictly adhering to industry standards and implementing new guidelines and safety innovations.

Paschen believes in a top-down approach to safety, with leadership and support coming from our president and executive staff members down to our project staff, who implement our safety initiatives on our projects nationwide.

Additionally, Paschen utilizes an internal safety committee to address safety concerns.  The committee is made up of vice presidents and general superintendents from each division, along with our risk management staff.   The committee meets weekly to help assure that the company achieves our goals of increasing safety awareness, administering new loss control programs, and effectively reducing risk during operations.

In addition to our safety committee, Paschen utilizes in-house safety professionals and outside safety consulting firms, which provide additional safety expertise, training, and third-party jobsite safety audits.

The success of our safety program can also be attributed to two internally developed loss control programs: our Job Hazard Analysis Program, and our Quality Control Program, which was modeled after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers program.

Our continuous commitment to safety has enabled us to earn Experience Modification Ratings below .7 for the last 6 years, with our current rating for 2019 at .69.