Services & Delivery Methods

After more than three decades working in construction, and having taken the leading role on thousands of projects in a number of different industries, we can very confidently say that we know what we’re doing. We’ve come up against and solved almost every conceivable construction challenge, we’ve succeeded through tight budgets and restricted timelines, developed strong relationships with clients, vendors, and contractors, and have always embraced and utilized new technologies, materials, and processes.

We’re an industry leader in infrastructure construction and rehabilitation, renovation and repair work, as well as in alternative delivery methods such as Design-Build Construction, Job Order Contracting and Construction Manager as Contractor. Serving both the public and private sectors, we have extensive construction experience in heavy civil transportation (including major highways, bridges, and mass transit systems), public works projects, municipal buildings, commercial properties, and private institutions.

Contracting Services


We work very closely with owners at the front end of every job to ensure that they achieve their objectives for the project and know what to expect from the construction process. Before any project is begun we work to develop an acceptable schedule and budget, carefully review the architect’s design, apply value-engineering to establish time and cost savings, and solve any complex construction issues.

BIM/Virtual Design and Construction

At Paschen, we use the latest technology to make our traditionally strong and proven construction methods even stronger. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 3D modeling process that uses collected data to generate digital representations of the physical and functional features of buildings. As a cutting edge tool that we use in all aspects of our work, BIM makes it possible to validate project design, verify field conditions, extract material quantities for cost tracking, and strategically plan the construction sequence, all in a virtual setting.

Our expert staff monitor the latest trends in BIM/VDC and are constantly offering training to ensure that each project’s BIM needs are met. Whether it’s through virtual MEP coordination and clash detection, or through the use of drones for 3D scanning of existing structures, we always use the technology that best fits the need.


Paschen’s culture of quality extends to commissioning, and we accomplish this by having a full-time Commissioning Authority on staff. Our commissioning expert is involved from design to post-occupancy, observing installations and testing systems, replicating real-life situations in order to solve issues before they occur. We also train our people to understand the importance of commissioning, so it is ingrained in their processes and procedures. By having this expert on our staff, we position ourselves ahead of the curve, improving the quality of the buildings we deliver to our clients.

Self-Performed Work

We perform a number of key components of the job ourselves so that we can better control the schedule, quality, and costs. By self-performing a wide variety of construction work, we know that our high standards will be met, our work will be efficient and cost-effective, and that the job will get done the right way with a minimum of disruptions and issues.


We currently have more than twenty LEED Accredited professionals on staff. As the General Contractor who performs the largest volume of municipal infrastructure work in the City of Chicago, we’ve developed deep expertise on over 30 LEED Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum projects.

Value Engineering

No matter the scale, scope, or challenges presented by any project, our team will find a way to keep costs to a minimum while ensuring that performance and function are at a premium. From simplifying the construction process to using alternative materials and equipment, our years of experience mean that we know exactly how to achieve the best outcome at the best possible price.

Construction Delivery Methods

construction manager Services & Delivery Methods

Construction Manager At Risk

Sometimes having a good general contractor isn’t enough—what you really need is someone who is qualified to oversee and manage your total project and ensure that it’s completed as cost-effectively and as efficiently as possible. Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR), also known as Construction Manager as Constructor, is an alternative delivery method in which Paschen works directly with the owner and architect during pre-construction to supply expertise in scheduling, pricing, and value engineering. During this process, we make a commitment to deliver a project within a defined schedule and at a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). The Construction Manager helps provide input during the planning stages, works with the owner to provide bids and award contracts, manages subcontractor relationships, and oversees the construction phase of the project through to completion.

construction manager

Integrated Project Delivery

IPD is a collaborative approach to project management. By uniting owner, architects, contractors and any other parties involved on a level playing field, it naturally creates a strong incentive for success and is therefore conducive to quality performance and delivery. Since all parties are equally vested in the project, IPD also creates a shared risk/reward structure, which encourages a collaborative and diplomatic approach to solving problems. All parties work closely together and are often based in the same office/building for the duration of the project. This speeds up decision making, allows ready access to each person’s expertise, and tightens up every aspect of the construction process.

design build


As an industry leader in alternative delivery methods, Paschen is uniquely positioned to provide high quality design-build construction services. Through this method of project delivery, architectural/engineering design and construction services are delivered under one contract, a highly efficient approach that provides a number of distinct advantages to the owner of a project. We work with owners and architects on the front end, providing value engineering services along with creative ideas and expert solutions to ensure the most efficient, cost-effective process possible. As a result, owners can expect expedited delivery times; less risk because the work is done through a single, accountable entity; no extensive procurement times; and a lot less of the hassle caused by multiple contracts and contractors.


Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a fast-track delivery method that enables clients to complete a wide variety of projects quickly and cost-efficiently through a single multi-year, competitively bid contract. By grouping several renovation, repair, and construction projects under one contract, this method significantly minimizes engineering, design, and contract procurement time and costs. JOC is a highly responsive contracting technique that works particularly well for institutions and organizations that oversee several facilities, like school districts and municipalities. As one of the largest and most experienced Job Order contractors in the nation—F.H. Paschen established a dedicated JOC Division in 1985—we have developed training, processes, and controls to manage every aspect of JOC project delivery and have the knowledge and capability to handle all of its complexities. Our JOC Division has the capacity to manage a portfolio of JOC contracts throughout the US with the use of local and national cooperatives. Click here to learn more about co-op opportunities.