College Recruiting

Internship Program

F.H. Paschen has created a robust Internship Program that provides students pursuing construction, or other curriculums within the built environment, with the opportunity to gain knowledge, work experience and an advantage over their peers at graduation. Interns are immersed in F.H. Paschen culture and given the tools and support to create a career-defining experience. Many of our interns are offered permanent positions following graduation and transition into a highly successful career at Paschen. Consistently, we see our former interns put down roots and excel in leadership roles in the company.

Our Internship Program is one of the keys to the success of our organization and we strongly believe in investing in your future. As an intern, you’ll be given the same types of responsibilities that we would assign to a Project Engineer or Assistant Superintendent. You will be given meaningful assignments and will have the opportunity to interact with owners, subcontractors, designers, and tradespersons.

Many of our multi-year interns are offered the opportunity to experience the diversified work that F.H. Paschen completes on a yearly basis. From school construction to heavy-highway, or complex healthcare projects – our interns begin their career in a field they are not only comfortable in, but knowledgeable in.

Our program is available primarily to college students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any Architecture, Engineering, or Construction field. Additionally, we offer internships on the administrative side of the business, including Human-Resources, Information-Technology, Marketing, among others.

F.H. Paschen also provides opportunities to high school students pursuing a future in architecture, engineering, or construction. Our Paschen Scholars Program partners with George Westinghouse College Prep to offer six freshman students to embark on a three-year competitive and hands-on training program.

Gain Valuable Experience

  • On-the-job training, both in the office and in the field
  • Real-world tasks assigned to provide you with real-world experience
  • “Fridays in the Field”: field trips to a varitey of different types of job sites
  • Experienced engineering mentors outside of your project group
  • Intern outings, company-wide and department events

Post Grad Opportunties

Start your career with F.H. Paschen. Our entry level Project Engineer postions allow you to pick the career path that best meets your skills and interest. We offer paths to become a Project Manager, Superintendent, Quality Control, Estimator, Safety, Virtual Design & Construction Coordinator.

We also offer an Assistant Superintendent Training Program. As an Assistant Superintendent you will assist in the management of field operations at a construction project site. You will be involved in the coordination and oversight of subcontractors and trades employees, manage cost, plan for future construction activities, and predict potential issues. You will be enrolled in the F.H. Paschen Assistant Superintendent Training Program, which will allow you to be mentored by a Senior Superintendent while attending bi-weekly training classes to better prepare you for a career as a Superintendent with opportunities to work in our various divisions. Some of these classes include:

Survey: Learn the basics on tool setup and usage, such as transit and site levels. Discuss how to properly field documentation survey data and translate to corresponding survey software.

Concrete: This class provides an opportunity to get behind the scenes view of a concrete facility. Gain a better understanding of concrete batching and QC process, while getting familiar with the properties of concrete.

Mandatory Minimums: Cover all 46, F.H. Paschen Mandatory Minimums, developed on FHP’s lessons learned during its 115 year history.

Deep Foundations & Earth Retention: Learn the capabilities that FHP’s sister company Stalworth, provides and how to manage a site constructing deep foundations, caissons, earth retention systems, and much more.

Excavations & Soils: This class will expand on contaminated soil, soil management, the standards/specs to follow, and how to coorinate a safe excavation.

OSHA: This class includes an in-depth discussion, about each of the top 10 OSHA violations from the previous year, and how they could affect FHP in our daily tasks. This class also covers what OSHA defines as the fatal 4, and how our FHP audit findings compare.