School Construction

Our numerous projects with the Chicago Public Schools System, charter schools, and other school systems, have allowed us to develop a comprehensive and informed understanding of what it takes to create successful educational institutions. We know that budgets are tricky and that value engineering is absolutely necessary. We understand that school deadlines are critical. And we know that the focus must always be on programs and the students served by those programs. We’re committed to using our expertise, including a wealth of CM@Risk and Design/Build experience, to choose the right delivery method to provide maximum value inside of the specified budget.

Our Commercial Construction Education Experience

Walter Payton College Prep Annex/Renovation

Chicago, IL

To address overcrowding, we constructed this three-story expansion to the school building which included some site development and interior renovations to the existing structure. This resulted in expanded space for the school, improved facilities, and a continuous weather-protected link to the original building. This project is expected to receive LEED Certification.

Client: Public Building Commission
Value: $13,500,000
Size: 54,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build

Wildwood World Magnet School Annex/Renovation

Chicago, IL

This project involved building a new three-story annex for the existing school building to house a number of facilities, including a library and computer room. For the annex, a concrete and steel frame was spread over concrete footings; the exterior consisted of cold formed steel buds and masonry veneer. This project received LEED Certification.

Client: Public Building Commission
Value: $10,700,000
Size: 37,200 sf
Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build

Aspira Business and Finance High School

Chicago, IL

This new four-story school features a variety of architectural facades including Fibre-C rain screen panels and a curtainwall glazing system. Paschen also installed a rooftop chiller with sound attenuating barrier walls. Interior amenities include wireless access throughout and automated lighting control. The school contains 31 classrooms including two science labs and six computer labs, full cooking kitchen and cafeteria, and media room with interactive monitors. The project received LEED Gold Certification.

Client: Aspira of Chicago
Value: $19,400,000
Size: 80,000 sf
Delivery Method: CM@Risk

UNO Galewood Charter School

Chicago, IL

The Uno Galewood Charter School was an innovative and ambitious design-build project with a highly compressed time-line. Together with UrbanWorks, our design partner for the project, we had just under a year to design, bid, and build for occupancy by students and staff. The main building is a three-story steel and precast structure which houses the classrooms and offices. Each classroom has wireless internet access points, four data drops, an overhead projector with media processor, HDMI and Mic input (for iPod players), and an amplified sound system. The primary design feature of the building is the adjacent 58-foot tall “skyspace,” a sloping wall which houses the multipurpose and resources rooms. This project achieved LEED Silver.

Client: United Neighborhood Organization (UNO)
Value: $17,700,000
Size: 56,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design/Build

Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy Public Building Commission

Chicago, IL

The Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy High School—an institution designed to prepare students for technology jobs of the future—is the very first school in Chicago to achieve LEED Platinum Certification. The certification was achieved by implementing the LEED initiatives within the Contract Documents. These included the use of natural daylight, increased outdoor air ventilation, green roof installation, and permeable parking areas.

The three-story building is constructed of cast-in place concrete, structural steel, and a large amount of CMU block. The exterior of the building has a masonry veneer, stone cladding, and aluminum composite paneling. There is also an aluminum window wall system on several of the exterior elevations of the building.

The new design includes a natatorium with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a gymnasium, an auditorium, a full kitchen, administrative offices, a library, science labs, classrooms, and computer labs. Technological innovations, which helped establish the building’s LEED platinum status, include a geo-exchange heat pump system, a solar thermal hot water heating system, low-flow fixtures, and recycled and locally sourced materials. Outdoor features include walking paths, a community garden, a learning garden, and two rain gardens for storm-water control. There is also a new football field with a track, baseball field, softball field, and tennis courts constructed on the school’s campus to the north of the building.

Client: Public Building Commission
Value: $62,500,000
Size: 207,600 sf