Municipal Construction

Municipal construction is about serving the public good—constructing buildings and shared spaces that meet the functional requirements of a given community while enhancing the lives of the people who live and work there. From the moment a project is conceived, our goal is to construct buildings that contribute appreciable and lasting value to their communities.


Engine Co. 16: LEED Platinum new 19,725 SF Fire House

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure provides the foundation for every healthy community, and is absolutely vital to its functioning. Critical Infrastructure facilities include buildings like fire stations, police stations, hospitals, and power plants. Our extensive experience with municipal projects means that we know how to keep essential services running smoothly while we coordinate a sometimes vast list of complicating factors.

Sulzer Library Renovations: complete interior renovation to 3 floors of occupied library space completed in 10 phases.

Shared Resources

Shared resources are at the heart of any community, helping to define it and create its identity. Collective spaces —like libraries, community centers, and public parks—must be more than attractive; they must provide safe, secure, and functional spaces for communities to gather.

Administration Office Building Renovation: phased renovation completed while half the floor was still occupied with staff.

Occupied Spaces and Traffic Flow

Communities don’t take time off during construction. Our experience in all aspects of municipal construction means we know how to streamline procedures to limit downtime, sequence project phases to accommodate ongoing operations, and manage traffic flow for continually occupied spaces.

Hubbard Woods Pavilion: new park pavilion structure for Winnetka Park District

Breadth of work

As a long-established construction business with decades of experience, we handle all types of construction projects—from new builds and expansions, to detailed renovations and maintenance work. We also oversee all aspects of each project, including corporate contracts and the management of vendors, suppliers, and contractors.