Preferred Projects Group

People with tightly constrained budgets, people who need work done while keeping their facilities operational, and people who need jobs completed on short notice with quick turnarounds—these are who will benefit most from the services we offer through our Preferred Projects Group.


The Preferred Projects Group of F.H. Paschen specializes in building long-term relationships with repeat clients by adapting to an owner's preferred method of construction and procurement. The collaboration, determination, adaptability, and resources we bring to each and every project is what makes us a preferred contractor.


“We have the resources to take on your largest project and the ambition to handle your smallest renovation, every project we do is managed with importance and urgency.”

Park Ridge Police Department Renovation: We worked with the Owner early on to help establish a clear design and renovate the space to create a more open and functional department.

Concept to Closeout

PPG offers services that cover every aspect of your project from inception to completion. This includes pre-construction and construction services—from overseeing the design/bid process and helping to shape the scope of the work to the coordination of vendors and contractors during construction—all the way through to completion and post-construction services.

Administration Office Building Renovation: phased renovation completed while half the floor was still occupied with staff.

Occupied Spaces

PPG understands that one of the greatest challenges during any construction project is to ensure that the smooth daily functioning of a organization is maintained while work is taking place on the premises. Our experience in all aspects of construction means we know how to streamline procedures to limit downtime, sequence project phases to accommodate ongoing operations, and manage traffic flow for continually occupied spaces.

Community Consolidated School District 93 Innovation Centers & Entryways: Over $5 million of construction completed during the 10 week summer break.

Quick Turnaround

We’re not intimidated by limited time frames. If you need a job done in a hurry, we can help you plan a project with parameters that will meet all your requirements.

Whitney Young Library: 4,000 SF addition and 10,000 SF renovation to provide the neighborhood with a modern library that serves as an essential community anchor.

Build, Renovate, Maintain

We really enjoy the fact that every job is different. We thrive on challenges, and we love to use our accumulated knowledge and experience to achieve the very best outcome for each and every project we undertake. If you have a new construction project, we can build it. If you have an older building that needs to be renovated, we’ve got extensive experience to cover that. If you have a building that’s in great shape, we can help you design a customized maintenance plan that will help you keep it that way.

“We have the resources to take on your largest project and the ambition to handle your smallest renovation, every project we do is managed with importance and urgency.”


Delivery Methods

We understand the power of early contractor involvement and collaboration. Whatever your preferred method of procurement, whether it be design/build, design/bid/build, CM@R, or cooperative contracting, we have the ability and experience to expertly oversee the process.