ACEC Award-Winning, 43rd Street Pedestrian Bridge

At F.H. Paschen, we are thrilled to celebrate the success of the 43rd Street Pedestrian Bridge, a project that has earned an award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois (ACEC). This achievement is a testament to our commitment to innovation, technical ability, and collaborative problem-solving, as well as the positive impact we strive to make in the communities we serve.

Constructing the 43rd Street Pedestrian Bridge was no small feat. Spanning over six active railroad tracks and a major highway, the project presented unprecedented challenges. To address these hurdles, our team, working closely with project partners, showcased exceptional ingenuity by creating a temporary bridge. This ingenious solution not only minimized disruptions to the railroads but also served as a protective shield over the Metra Electric Line. By reducing disturbances, we not only saved valuable time but also achieved cost efficiencies related to track closures.

The bridge’s design, featuring twin 30-degree inclined arches, challenges traditional engineering norms and showcases F.H. Paschen’s ability to navigate complex geometric challenges. We prioritized social, economic, and sustainable considerations throughout the project. The bridge’s design encourages non-vehicle access, promoting sustainable living and enhancing community accessibility. Our approach minimized construction site impact, used existing pathways, and incorporated sustainable practices, contributing to both economic savings and positive environmental impacts.

Our success in completing the project on time and within budget was made possible through tireless collaboration with diverse stakeholders, including Metra, CN, and federal, state, and local authorities. This collaborative spirit not only met technical demands but exceeded the owner’s requirements, setting a new standard for engineering excellence.

The 43rd Street Pedestrian Bridge stands as a testament to F.H. Paschen’s commitment to improving the communities that it serves. As we celebrate this achievement, F.H. Paschen remains committed to delivering excellence in every project and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of construction and engineering.

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