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How did F.H. Paschen help triple the size of a local DBE firm?

Midway Passenger Security Checkpoint Expansion

F.H. Paschen constructed a major component of the Midway Modernization Program. The expansion and widening of the existing pedestrian bridge, from 50′ to 400′ over Cicero Avenue, now accommodates an expanded TSA security checkpoint and future concessions space. All work was completed without disrupting airport operations and daily vehicular traffic that uses Cicero Avenue, which remained open throughout the duration of the project. 

The project scope included an 80,000 sf new security pavilion to house additional TSA checkpoint operations, the construction of two new pedestrian connector bridges at the interstitial level above the Arrival Roadway, a complete renovation of existing interior spaces, and expansion of the mezzanine in the Landside Terminal Building. Additional scope includes removal and replacement of existing escalators in new alignment to facilitate smooth passenger flows in the terminal, new wayfinding signage, energy efficient lighting, and large open spaces created with clerestory windows allowing natural lighting to illuminate the terminal area. 

Luis Vasquez, Vice President of Toro, described the project as “challenging but rewarding.” In addition to the typical challenges of working at an airport, the project schedule and magnitude of the scope of work meant that Toro would be putting work in place at a much higher rate than it typically had done in the past.

Toro was able to grow its business and hire additional staff, which has allowed them to pursue more work across the city and surrounding communities. Toro construction has more than tripled their capacity, which Luis credits to the opportunity they were given on the Midway project. The experience gained on this project gave them the ability to be prequalified to pursue other larger scope packages.  

Showcased as their “#1 project,” Toro Construction has leveraged the experience gained on the Midway Security Checkpoint Expansion project to continue to grow their business and open doors to pursue whatever opportunities arise.  

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