Union Station Transit Center Holds Grand Opening

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The Union Station Transit Center, built on a surface parking lot on Jackson Boulevard between Canal and Clinton Streets, was designed for commuters to connect to buses and trains while easing traffic congestion around Union Station. The station opens on Sunday, September 4, and a Grand Opening ceremony was held on Tuesday, August 30.

Dignitaries such as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and US Senator Dick Durbin were in attendance.

The Transit Center will provide boarding for CTA bus routes No. 1 (Bronzeville/Union Station), No. 121 (Union/Streeterville Express), No. 151 (Sheridan), No. 28 (Stony Island), No. 124 (Navy Pier), and the No. 156 (LaSalle). These routes carry nearly 3,400 passengers daily.

Features of the Transit Center include a new transfer tunnel connecting to the existing Amtrak pedway, a staircase and elevator from the new tunnel to the street, and CTA bus islands with canopies.

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