Second Friday in the Field event hosts Interns, New Hires, and Paschen Scholars

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Our 2nd Friday in the Field occurred on July 22. Participants included our six Paschen Scholars, interns, and new hires, and all had a wonderful day visiting sites and learning about what Paschen does from those who are doing it in the field.

The group started by visiting the I-90 Jane Addams Tollway jobs, where the participants saw Paschen and Stalworth teams in action and learned about the jobs being done there. After lunch in the afternoon, the group visited our Ozinga project in Des Plaines.

Thanks to Chris Fedro, Marcus LuMaye, Dustin Vibbert, Tim Bea, Paul Spencer, and our project crews at both sites for taking the time to show our group their projects and encourage our interns and new hires to #learnwithpaschen.

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