F.H. Paschen Named Most Inclusive Contractor for 2018

BALTIMORE – The Maryland Washington Minority Companies Association, Inc. (MWMCA), an organization created to advance minority and woman owned construction trade contractors, has named F.H. Paschen the “Most Inclusive Prime Contractor of the Year.” This honor underscores Paschen’s long-time commitment to community engagement, diversity and inclusion through their philosophy of creating real opportunities for all.

MWMCA reserves this designation for prime contractors that have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to inclusion by hiring minority, women, and disadvantaged businesses. Paschen stood out as this Prime Contractor by performing numerous minority contractor outreach events along with a commitment and success in hiring minority and women contractors.

“Inclusion is important in broad terms because it provides small business owners who have been historically disadvantaged with new opportunities for a bright future and on a more personal level it means these women and men can feed their families,” MWMCA President Wayne Frazier said. “Paschen is doing things differently than other primes. They are bringing an attitude of inclusion and real opportunities for all that they’ve fostered throughout their Company for many years”.

As part of their Company culture, Paschen is always committed to exceeding their Minority and Disadvantaged Business project goals along with hiring a diverse team throughout their organization. If a client does not require Minority project goals Paschen sets their own internal goals to ensure the community surrounding the Project is properly represented.

“We are truly honored to receive the award for the Most Inclusive Prime Contractor of the Year. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and our strong commitment to work with minority-owned businesses as a key component of our success in providing exceptional construction services to our clients,” stated Paschen’s Executive Vice President Joseph Scarpelli.

Paschen’s accomplishment will be formally recognized on May 11, 2018 at the MWMCA’s 15th Annual Spring Breakfast in Baltimore. Maryland Governor Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. will deliver the keynote address. The annual event includes a Business Showcase Expo, which gives large and small businesses opportunities to connect. For event details, click here.

Mika Stambaugh