Paschen University

We’re always working hard to actively create new leadership positions and other opportunities for our employees as we continue to grow, and especially as we target and expand into new market sectors. We know that our greatest asset and resource is our people.

If we want to move our company forward, we must first invest in our employees, helping each individual to reach his or her fullest potential.

That’s why we’ve developed Paschen University, a comprehensive training and education program designed to help our employees learn everything they need to know about the business—not just about Paschen’s internal processes and procedures, but also about the construction business as a whole. Our high standards and our dedication to the growth of each individual in our company, ensure that all employees are fully prepared to succeed in their careers.

Paschen University Training Schedule

The training schedule at Paschen University typically includes the following topics:

Canam Bridges

Crane Signaling, Crane Safety Awareness

Document Control

Fall Protection Awareness

Financials & Accounting

First Aid, CPR & AED

HazComm, Silica & Railroad Safety Awareness

IT Roundtable

JOC Training

Look Ahead Schedules

MEP Equipment Submittal Review

Navisworks 3

OSHA 30 Refresher

Preventing Sexual Harassment

QA/QC Lessons Learned

Subcontracting for field Supervision

Surveying & Layout

Webinar–Six Critical Factors to Lean Construction Success