Paschen Scholars Visit Midway and Peoples Gas Projects

Students at Westinghouse College Prep who are in the Paschen Engineering Scholars Program visited two active job sites managed by the Scholars’ program sponsor F.H. Paschen. Their first stop was at Midway International Airport, where construction is underway on the new 80,000SF Security Checkpoint Bridge. Following a tour of the job site, the Scholars met with our Virtual Design and Construction team stationed at the Midway job site office and examined BIM and 4D Models with our technical staff.

After lunch, the students visited Peoples Gas Central Shop and Logistics Facility, the sites of two brand new offices and service centers for Peoples Gas. There the Scholars were introduced to the many aspects of the construction process, including phasing, programming, and design.

“It’s one thing to learn about building and construction but setting foot on an active job site is a completely different experience,” said F.H. Paschen COO Chuck Freiheit. “Seeing how all of the planning and teamwork comes together and how a set of drawings and project site can transform into a new security checkpoint bridge or a state-of-the-art service center. These visits also allow us to show the importance of proper site safety measures that ensure all workers at the end of the day safely return to their families. There are a lot of moving parts on an active job site so it’s critical to show them how proper preparation coupled with proactive communication results in a safe working environment.”

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