Paschen Scholars Celebrate 5th Annual Hard Hat Ceremony

The Paschen Engineering Scholars Class of 2020 celebrated their graduation from the program virtually at the annual Hard Hat Ceremony.  This is the second group of Chicago Public Schools students to graduate from the program. In addition to the graduation, six rising sophomores from Westinghouse were introduced as the latest class of Paschen Engineering Scholars. A total of 22 scholars and their families were in attendance for the virtual celebration.

The Paschen Engineering Scholars Program curriculum includes hands-on activities to develop technical skills, build problem-solving abilities, and gain real-world work experience to improve the scholars’ knowledge of and access to career opportunities in the STEM and construction fields. Additionally, the program includes sponsored college-level engineering summer courses at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

“Given the challenging circumstances, we knew we couldn’t host the event at our Headquarters, so in conjunction with the tremendous administration at Westinghouse, we got creative and found a way to virtually celebrate all the many accomplishments of the Class of 2020” said F.H. Paschen’s Chief Operating Officer, Chuck Freiheit. “It was tough to say goodbye to our second group of students, but we’re so excited to see where they are a year from now, and ten years from now. We expect to hear their names associated with great things in the future, and we can’t wait to get our next group of new Paschen Scholars started in the program.”

The five graduates received over $3 million in scholarships to the colleges and universities of their choice. Additionally, the graduates received senior gifts from F.H. Paschen, consisting of a generous gift card to help cover college-related expenses and a package of dorm room/college-living essentials. The new class of Paschen Scholars (Class of 2023) features six students, four of which are women. Their traditional summer internship program has been rescheduled for the Fall.

“We truly believe in these students and the work that we are doing together with Westinghouse in creating career opportunities in engineering and construction,” said F.H. Paschen President and CEO Jim Blair. “F.H. Paschen takes pride in engaging with the communities we serve and providing opportunities for the next generation of leaders in engineering and construction. We are proud and excited for our graduates and look forward to showing our new class what it means to Build With Paschen.”

The virtual ceremony included remarks from the incoming class of Paschen Scholars, a company overview of F.H. Paschen, and their associated staff, an unboxing of the senior gifts, and advice from the graduating class of scholars.

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