Paschen Participates in Charter School Community Days

Westinghouse College Prep School held the first of eight Community Days on September 20, and F.H. Paschen was on hand to kick off the celebration. Project Superintendents Martin Alderden Jr. and Neil Barkowski, and Surveyor Manager Michael Karcz led an informative and hands-on demonstration on surveying for the school’s Civil Engineering students (including our Paschen Scholars).

Amanda Change, PLTW Engineering Teacher, commented, “Today’s event was wonderful! Thanks so much to Mike, Neil, and Marty for their sharing their expertise and enthusiasm today. The kids picked up on leveling their levels and reading the grade rods quickly, and a few got to calculate the slopes for where water drains into the sewer structures. All in all, the students had a great time getting some sun and learning the art of surveying!”

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