Paschen Hosts 3rd Annual P.I.E. Series at Westinghouse College Prep

F.H. Paschen hosted its 3rd Annual P.I.E. (Paschen: Innovations in Engineering) Series event at George Westinghouse College Prep School, where they introduced the Paschen Scholars program to a new set of interested candidates and discussed the field of engineering and how it applies to careers in construction.

Ryan Kinney of Westinghouse opened the event and Antonia Winfrey of Paschen gave an overview of the day. Joe Scarpelli gave a presentation on the history of F.H. Paschen and background on the kinds of projects the company has done. Finally, Tim McCann of Sitech Midwest gave a presentation about the use of technology in construction.

Following the presentation, students were given to chance to network with the presenters and Paschen representatives who were in attendance, to find out more about their career paths and learn more about the Paschen Scholars program.

Special thanks to Charles Johnson, Ashley Prosser, Sharon King, Rick Aiello, and Alan Osinski for attending the function on behalf of F.H. Paschen.

Paschen is proud of our relationship with Westinghouse, and we are looking forward to welcoming the next group of Paschen Scholars into the program.

To learn more about the Paschen Scholars program, click here.


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