Paschen Doubles Down on Building Capacity for Women, Diverse, Small and Veteran-Owned Businesses

The commitment to building capacity for women, diverse, small and veteran-owned businesses was instituted by Bud Paschen over 30 years ago. Bud recognized that by collaborating with these businesses and communities he was not only growing their business, but Paschen’s as well. Paschen’s consistent and meaningful engagement has led to the contracting of over 200 diverse subcontractors in 2018. 

In September alone, Paschen attended and/or hosted 10 outreach events for diverse businesses. Outreach events allow our team to meet and educate new diverse businesses on how to do work with us and the agencies/clients with upcoming opportunities.  

Paschen’s outreach efforts go far beyond Chicago. Project teams in Atlanta, D.C. and Dallas have attended and hosted outreach events as well. 

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