P.I.E. Series Brought to George Westinghouse College Prep for 5th Consecutive Year

Parents and students gather at GWCP for F.H. Paschen’s P.I.E. – Paschen’s Innovations in Engineering – event for a night of information, engineering challenges, and pie!

Students at George Westinghouse College Prep, along with parents and faculty, attended the 5th annual P.I.E, Paschen: Innovations in Engineering, event on Thursday, February 27. F.H. Paschen hosted the event at Westinghouse College Prep as an introduction to their Paschen Engineering Scholars Program as well as the field of engineering for interested candidates.

The Paschen Engineering Scholars Program began in 2015 and exposes students to curriculum and hands-on activities that develops technical skills, builds problem-solving abilities, and offers real-world work experience as well as access to career opportunities in the STEM and construction fields.

“Our scholar program is a great opportunity for students to dive into the world of STEM and get insight into the large breadth of opportunities available within each field,” said F.H. Paschen COO Chuck Freiheit. “Since its inception, it has continued to evolve and we’re so proud of the impact it has made in the lives of the students that have participated in the scholar program as well as those who have come to us as interns. We’re opening doors for the next generation of construction.”

The evening started with the serving of pizza to attendees, followed by a presentation on the history of F.H. Paschen along with an update on their current and ongoing projects. Following the presentation, students were broken into two teams: Aviation and Development. The Aviation team was tasked building their own airplane with provided supplies as well as developing a name and brand around the plane, with the goal of making it physically fly. The Development team was to build a structure for a Chicago neighborhood of their choosing and determine the building’s purpose with that community.

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