Jason Cox Awarded Johnny B. Safety Award

The F.H. Paschen Safety Committee unanimously selected Jason Cox as the 2020 Johnny B. Golden Hard Hat Safety Award winner.

To be eligible for this award, the individual must exceed in three categories: 1) successfully execute our Safety and Quality Control approach, 2) lead the men and women on our jobsites with a proactive, safety-focused approach, and 3) carry-out the legacy of John Barkowski. The same people who described Johnny B as a detailed-oriented and solutions-driven man, say the same about Jason.

Regardless of how large volume or high-profile the job is, Jason has never sacrificed safety. He understands that safety is important to our clients and owners, and that starts with the men and women working on our jobsites. Jason makes it clear that he cares for the tradespeople under his supervision and that intentional effort translates to a team-focused approach to safety. For Johnny B, it was always about the team; success couldn’t be found without the whole team buying in, and Jason has continued that legacy.

Thank you, Jason, and congratulations on being selected for this prestigious award. Jason Cox follows the previous two award winners: Jason Pope (‘19) and Jeremy Roach (‘18).

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