F.H. Paschen Opens Office in Downtown Aurora

Known for spearheading many notable large and small-scale construction projects, F.H. Paschen is expanding their operations. Critical to the expansion was the location of their new office in downtown Aurora.

“It was important to be downtown and be part of this community,” said F.H. Paschen Senior Vice President and Aurora resident, Leo Wright. “One of the goals of the Mayor and City Council was to bring more jobs and businesses to the downtown area, and we’re excited to be part of that.”

The new F.H. Paschen office is located at 1 S. Broadway, a historic Grant Elmslie building.

“Welcoming F.H. Paschen to downtown Aurora is a dynamic way to start the new year,” said Aurora Mayor Richard C. Irvin. “Much like our downtown, F.H. Paschen has a strong history and a vibrant future. The company’s leaders and employees are not only experts in their field, they have already proven to be stalwart corporate citizens who are committed to the betterment of Aurora. They have brought back to life one of our historic buildings and plan to help others develop their own dream properties as well.”

In 2019, F.H. Paschen completed emergency repairs on the very building they’re moving into. “It’s the kind of work we’re used to doing,” said Leo Wright. F.H. Paschen was recently awarded a Job Order Contract with the City of Aurora, which can be used for repairs and renovations to city and municipal buildings across Aurora and other public agencies throughout the state.

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