F.H. Paschen Launches Workforce Development Series

During Q1 of 2020, F.H. Paschen developed and hosted two workforce development events to improve the process for those who are looking for employment in certain construction trades: Opportunity Day and Career Pathways Day. The two inaugural workforce events were the first in a series of programs aimed at discovering, training, and developing the construction workforce of tomorrow.

For those affiliated or already in a union, interviews with hiring managers will occur three times a year; these will be advertised as ‘Opportunity Days’. The first Opportunity Day was held at The Plant, in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood, and was well-attended with over 130 people.

For those not affiliated with a union, presentations and networking with union representatives and workforce partners will also occur three times a year. These events will be advertised as ‘Career Pathways Events’. The first Career Pathways Day was held at The Hatchery, in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood, and saw several unions and trade organizations host tables for the 25 attendees.

Our new initiatives do not supersede our current union obligations, but rather serve as an additional resource for the men and women interested in a career in construction. As an industry leader, this investment to educate, train and develop the workforce of tomorrow is essential to achieving our goal to serve the communities in which we work.

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“Construction community job fairs in the Chicago area can be difficult to navigate, especially for individuals who are new to construction or may have barriers to employment. The Career Pathways Event hosted by FH Paschen was refreshing because the event was specifically designed for those looking to enter the sector. Not only were traditional union pipelines represented, but also organizations like Revolution Workshop whose missions are to help people with barriers overcome them and be better prepared for a construction career. It was a tremendous opportunity for Revolution Workshop to recruit for our pre-apprenticeship program and continue to network with contractors, unions and other community-based organizations serving the construction sector.”   

“Chicago Women in Trades supports F.H. Paschen’s initiative on hosting career-starting, and career-advancing, opportunities events. We are proud to be a part of the Career Pathways series.”

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