Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) Awards F.H. Paschen for Construction of Concourse L Stinger

F.H. Paschen accepted the 2019 Project Award from the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) for the American Airlines Concourse L/Stinger. 

We constructed a new concourse capable of handling five regional aircrafts with a pedestrian bridge tying into existing Terminal 3. The new facility includes hold rooms, concession areas, restrooms, airline support spaces, mechanical spaces, and circulation areas. 

In addition to the complex nature of building on an active airfield, Paschen had to devise innovative methods for erecting a nearly 600’ long walkway without impacting the gate operations of six different carriers. To address these challenges, Paschen, in collaboration with the design engineers, fabricator, erector and American Airlines, came up with a design for the bridge that would allow the walkway to be erected in three segments. The pieces were originally built on the ground, so they could eventually be hoisted up in the air and placed. 

This award joins the 2019 Construction Industry Service Corporation (CISCO) – Top Project Chicago, New Construction, American Airlines Concourse L / Stinger. 

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