When the unexpected
happens but the deadline
can’t be moved.

How did we keep a major renovation project on track after finding hidden flaws in century old load-bearing masonry?

Damen Blue Line Station Renovation

Our extensive construction experience across many different industries and delivery methods, paired with aggressively detailed planning, allows us to overcome significant construction challenges and keep projects on track.

“Working closely with the CTA, our designers, and subcontractors, we stuck to the 63-day station shut down, keeping our commitment to CTA and their customers despite numerous unforeseen conditions discovered in the century-old station.”

– Matt Moss, Project Executive

The Damen Blue Line Station Renovation was part of a three-station design-build project, involving substantial improvements to the station. To complete the project, the station was closed for 63 days causing significant disruption for commuters. Moreover, the Damen Blue Line Station is an elevated station as well as a designated City of Chicago Landmark, which added numerous constraints and logistical challenges to the project.

Due to the challenging location and short, inflexible construction schedule, our construction executives and project managers found themselves engaged in an extensive and exhaustive planning process, including the consideration of “what if” type scenarios to anticipate various challenges that might arise.

Having extremely detailed plans allowed us to adjust very quickly to unforeseen changes in the scope of the project, such as the discovery that the 108-year-old load-bearing brick masonry was crumbling and would need to be demolished and replaced.

Along with the CTA, our design partner, and subcontractors, we were committed to ensuring that the station closure would not be extended. Consequently, all the parties involved collaborated and worked around the clock to ensure the overall success of the project.

Our experience with station improvements allowed us to coordinate 2-3 shifts per day/7 days per week, to keep the project on schedule despite substantial additional scope.