A Construction Story: An Evening of Powerful Discussion and Opportunity

On Tuesday, December 10, F.H. Paschen invited members from 3 local social impact organizations to a holiday event filled with powerful discussions, a drive for empowerment, and a delicious meal. The discussion included participants from Chicago CRED, Safer Foundation and Revolution Workshop and highlighted future opportunities for career networking events and industry seminars to start them down the path for a career in construction. F.H. Paschen led the conversation on what the path to success looks like.

“We’re not just hosting a dinner. We’re having an important conversation with some well-respected organizations to give their participants a foundation for and insight into a meaningful career,” said F.H. Paschen COO Chuck Freiheit. “You have to start by talking about expectations along with the soft skills needed to work in the construction industry, from knowing how to work in teams to basic financial planning.  We believe in developing the whole person, so once individuals begin their career, they’re prepared and are ready for any potential adversity that may come their way to make for a lifelong career.”

Chicago CRED – CRED believes the best solution for ending gun violence is recruiting men most likely to be perpetrators or victims of shootings and transition them to jobs in the legal economy that pay as much or more than what they earn in the violence-plagued illegal economy.

Safer Foundation – Safer Foundation is a nonprofit social impact organization focusing on human capital development for people with criminal records. At Safer, they focus on helping their clients secure and maintain employment because they understand that employment offers the best chance at successful reentry.

Revolution Workshop – Revolution Workshop is a social enterprise that provides carpentry and woodworking workforce development for unemployed or underemployed people in partnership with area businesses.

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