Jim Blair

President and Chief Executive Officer

During his more than 25 years at F.H. Paschen and before becoming President of the company, Jim served in a number of important positions including Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Executive, and Vice President of the Building Division. Jim has significantly contributed to Paschen’s success by managing the growth of the Building Division–taking it from a million-dollar operation in the early 1990s to a division that now generates hundreds of millions of dollars worth of work annually. In his position as President, Jim ensures that projects are completed safely, on time, and under budget; helps develop positive relationships with clients and subcontractors; and contributes to the development of Paschen University. Jim firmly believes that investing in training and development and promoting from inside the organization whenever possible is the best way to grow the business.

When not working hard to develop F.H. Paschen, Jim enjoys spending time with his family boating on Lake Michigan.