Railway Construction

Heavy rail work requires a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations that govern railways. Regardless of any other considerations, trains have to keep running on time and on schedule. Our broad value engineering experience allows us to balance cost effectiveness with scheduling and safety considerations, and to plan in fine-grained detail to minimize disruptions and manage risk. Furthermore, our construction expertise ensures our clients can be confident our work will have the 100+ year longevity they desire.

Our Commercial Construction Rail Experience

Union Pacific Railroad-Irving Park Road

Chicago, IL

The project, located at O’Hare International Airport in the City of Chicago, was a grade separation at Irving Park Road consisting of a new railroad bridge over an existing roadway for the re-aligned Union Pacific Railroad. The structure work included excavation, steel piles, reinforced concrete and structural steel. The rail work included site demolition, earth excavation/embankment, temporary and permanent erosion control, drainage, duct bank placement, and sub-ballast placement. Drainage work required a new culvert under the UPRR embankment and Bensenville ditch channel rerouting. Roadway work included reconstruction, widening, resurfacing, pavement markings, storm sewer, temp drainage, erosion control, duct bank placement and temporary maintenance of traffic.

Client: O’Hare Modernization Program
Value: $11,100,000
Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build

Halsted Street Bridge W3.34 Replacement

Chicago, IL

This project involved the removal and replacement of three railroad bridges over Halsted St. Columns underneath the bridges were replaced first, followed by the removal and replacement of the bridge structures. Done in 16-hour coordinated shutdowns, the bridges were demolished, backwalls excavated and replaced on fast setting grout with new precast walls, and new bridge structures installed.

Client: CN Railroad
Value: $2,500,000
Delivery Method: Design/Bid/Build