Chicago CRED

F.H. Paschen is one of the first corporate partners of Chicago CRED (Create Real Economic Destiny), an organization dedicated to ending violence through preparing at-risk young men, including returning citizens, for job opportunities throughout Chicago. CRED believes the best solution for ending gun violence is recruiting men most likely to be at risk for shootings and transition them to jobs, thus relinquishing the need to earn money through illicit means.

Today, Michael Reed, a CRED graduate, is a full-time employee of F.H. Paschen working on the CTA 95th Street Terminal Improvement Project. Through this opportunity, Mr. Reed will gain real world construction experience and skills and will earn construction related certifications that will allow him to advance in his new career.  The Company anticipates that through its partnership with CRED, Michael is just one of many who will have an opportunity for a real life change while working on some of Chicago’s largest construction projects through F.H. Paschen.

F.H. Paschen not only provides a job opportunity, but also teaches skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce, making the company a perfect match with CRED. F.H. Paschen looks for more than talent and work ethic when hiring, and F.H. Paschen has always believed in investing in those in our community who need help. While serving others, F.H. Paschen is also always serving the communities in which they work. F.H. Paschen is committed to the Chicago CRED partnership.

More Opportunity. More Paschen.