F.H. Paschen has created a robust Internship Program that provides students pursuing construction, or other curriculums within the built environment, with the opportunity to gain knowledge, work experience and an advantage over their peers at graduation. Most of our interns are offered permanent positions following graduation and transition into a highly successful career at Paschen. Consistenly, we see our former interns put down roots and excel to leadership roles in the company.

Our Internship Program is one of the keys to success of our organization and we strongly believe in investing in your future. As an intern, you’ll be given the same types of responsibilities that we would assign to a Project Engineer or Assistant Superintendent. You will be given meaningful assignments and will have the opportunity to interact with owners, subcontractors, and tradespersons. If you have the opportunity to complete several internships, which we encourage you to do, you’ll potentially gain experience and valuable knowledge on a number of different projects.

Our program is available primarily to college students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or other majors related to the Built Environment.

What you'll get from your Internship

On the job training, both in the office and in the field

Real world tasks assigned to provide real world experience

“Fridays in the Field”: field trips to a variety of different types of job sites

Social hour to share stories and learn from others

Experienced engineering mentors outside of your project group

End of summer event