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Six Westinghouse College Prep Students Inducted as Inaugural Paschen Scholars

F.H. Paschen and George Westinghouse College Prep School inducted the first six students into the Paschen Scholars program on Monday, June 6, in a Hard Hat Ceremony at the F.H. Paschen headquarters in Chicago.

The six chosen students represented the top 18% percent of the freshman class, and included those who expressed an interest in construction. They each participated in interviews and activities to determine their abilities, creativity, and engineering aptitude. The Scholars will participate in the three-year program, and will visit Paschen three times a week for 3 weeks in July for the next three years, visiting jobsites, doing intern work, and learning about the culture and the world of construction.

The Paschen Scholars are:

  • Tiana Collins
  • Kayla Garcia
  • Justino Martinez
  • Ramon Quinto
  • Jose Reyes
  • Gustavo Sanchez

When speaking to the students at the ceremony, Patrick McGill, Westinghouse Principal, said, “All of you, right now, are making history at Paschen and at Westinghouse… The experiences you'll have will be life-changing. They're going to change the way you look at the world, and they're going to change the goals that you set for yourself. That's really what it's all about.”

Joe Scarpelli, Executive Vice President of Paschen, said of the students and the program, “We are truly excited about working with Westinghouse Academy and starting the Paschen Scholars Program. This is an extraordinary program that will give students the opportunity to see what it is like working with a General Contractor in the City of Chicago. Our hope is that they will recognize the opportunities in our business and pursue a related four-year college degree, and maybe someday come to work for us full-time after college graduation.”

Paschen is proud of our involvement with George Westingthouse College Prep, and is committed to the mentorship of students interested in learning more about the construction industry through the Paschen Scholars program.

George Westinghouse College Prep is a new-start school that now offers two competitive programs; a selective enrollment College Preparatory program and a College and Careers program. A concerted effort by community activists, educators, parents, Chicago Public Schools, the City of Chicago and concerned citizens led to a newly constructed campus being built to house the new school. Find out more at

Paschen Scholars, L-R: Gustavo Sanchez, Jose Reyes, Kayla Garcia, Ramon Quinto, Tiana Collins, and Justino Martinez

Paschen Scholars and Leaders, L-R: Ryan Kinney, GWCP Counselor; Patrick McGill, GWCP Principal; Joe Scarpelli, Paschen Executive Vice President; Gustavo Sanchez; Jose Reyes; Kayla Garcia; Ramon Quinto; Tiana Collins; Justino Martinez; Chuck Freiheit, Paschen Chief Operating Officer; and Antonia Winfrey, Paschen Project Manager.